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Animal Learning Game

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Animal Match Game
The Letters Game
The Numbers Game

The Color Game

The Animal Game

The Shape Game

Time Telling Game

Addition Game

Currency Value Game

Coin Addition Game

Subtraction Game

Greater Than / Less Than

Comparison Game

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Why Free Games?

9 years ago I built my very first website, Kinderweb. It appears to have stood the test of time, because here we are tens of thousands of users later and it still exists largely as it was originally built. The idea behind the site was to provide free online educational games for young kids (1 to 4 years old). Only now that I have twin sons that are three years old do I realize the value of the site. Not only to teach colors, shapes and animal names, but also to teach young users the basics of how to use a computer (such as using a mouse). 9/28/04
Brian Petro

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